Partial weight bearing

Early weight bearing represents a promising strategy during the rehabilitative process after lower body injuries, but current approaches face major hurdles. Patient compliance with the load restriction is low and many are unable to adhere to the prescribed limits without the implementation of concurrent biofeedback. A clinical study conducted in 2017 showed that the developed system is easily implementable into the rehabilitative routine and has a positive effect on the compliance of geriatric subjects.

eSHOE offers a simple, unobtrusive and effective solution to the drawbacks of an otherwise well-supported rehabilitation approach.

Cordless and markerless

Forget physical or time contraints when practicing partial weight bearing thanks to the completely wire-free eSHOE system.

Three different fedback modi

Visual, auditive and haptic feedback options assure can supply any patient with feedback.

Easy set-up and implementation

Put the eSHOE insoles on, set the threshold with a scale and you’re ready to go.

Assess progress objectively

The recording function allows you to observe the improvement in performance over time.

A cost-effective feedback system with clinically proven efficiency.

Designed to cover the physical therapists’ expectations, the app provides the user with a simple interface and four different feedback modes. The system was tested in a clinical study with 10 patiens in the Sophienspital hospital in Vienna. The results show that the performance of the patients improved significantly with feedback.

With feedback,
patients were able to load double
as many
steps correctly.

Significantly smaller mean and maximal
peak loads
were recorded
for all patients.

What Therapeuts and Patients Say

“The real-time visualization of the load  applied on the affected extremity offered a new look and new forms of support that benefited both our geriatric patients and the therapists.”

Dr. Jakob Gaudernak
Doctor @ wilhelminenspital vienna

“I wonder why this [the system] is not the standard way of teaching partial weight bearing.”

patient @ sophienspital vienna

“Being able to see the actual load [visual feedback] helped me the most at assessing the load I was applying.”